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RJ TextEd is a full featured text and source editor with Unicode support, syntax highlighting and code folding. The functionality extends beyond text files and includes support for HTML editing with integrated preview, spell checking, auto completion, HTML validation, templates and more. The program also include support for Topstyle Lite CSS editor, has a dual pane file commander, as well as a FTP client to upload your files. Below is a small list of features available. For a full list check out the features section.


Edit plain text

  • The editor handles any type of file. ANSI, ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode and binary files. Text documents can be converted between different character sets.
  • Internally text is handled as Unicode. All functions of the editor support Unicode.
  • Has a tabbed interface to easily switch between documents.
  • Support code folding and regions (.NET languages).
  • Column editing mode.
  • Spell check in several different languages. Unicode is supported.
  • Unlimited undo/redo.
  • A large number of useful editing functions.
  • Advanced sorting.
  • The word wrap function tries to break the text to make it as readable as possible.

Edit source code

  • The editor uses syntax files for source code highlighting.
  • New syntax definition files can easily be created in the syntax editor tool.
  • Code Explorer for easier navigation in your source code.
  • Synchronized editing. E.g. rename a variable in several places within a selected block.
  • Block Comments. Easily comment or uncomment a selected block of text.
  • Class auto completion. Unicode supported.
  • Tag auto completion. Unicode supported.

Write a home page

  • The editor use auto completion to aid you in writing tags and attributes.
  • Several html tag shortcuts are available as well as several wizards e.g. table editor, list editor, frame editor...
  • Use the Topstyle Lite CSS editor to help you to create style sheets.
  • Html preview to help you inspect the result of you editing.
  • Validate your html document.
  • Format/repair you html document. Several options are available e.g. word wrap, indent...
  • Use the FTP/SFTP client "File Commander" to upload your home site.

Open, save or print a document

  • The editor can open and save text as ANSI, UTF-8 or Unicode. It can do so with or without a BOM (Unicode file signature).
  • Handles unicode file paths and file names. Unicode is supported with all file operations including command line arguments, drag n' drop,

MRU, Searching, File Commander

  • The editor can also open and save binary files. It is not only a text editor, it is also a binary (hex) editor.
  • Text or source code can be saved as html documents. The source is converted to html and properly highlighted before saving.
  • Text can be encrypted using strong encryption (Twofish). When you open or save the file a password has to be entered.
  • Before printing you can preview the printout.
  • The print dialog gives you several options. E.g. syntax coloring, word wrap...

Connect to the outside world

  • The editor has FTP and SFTP capabilities. You can edit a single document or you can manage your home site using the file commander.
  • Synchronize a local folder with a remote folder.
  • The SFTP client has full support for the SSH2 protocol and has support for the SFTP protocol versions 1 to 6.
  • E-mail your document as plain text.
  • E-mail your documents as attachments.

Convert your document

  • Convert file encoding of one or several files on disk.
  • Convert from text to html or html to text. With or without syntax coloring.
  • Convert document between different character sets. E.g. you are using an English Windows XP and want to open and edit a Russian text saved on a Russian Windows. If the text is saved as ANSI - all you see is some garbled text. Simply convert the document to character set "Cyrillic" and the text is displayed using Russian characters. You can use this feature to convert between a number of different character sets like DOS and MAC.


  • Syntax editor. Create syntax definition files using a graphic tool. Makes some things like sorting keywords very simple.
  • Character viewer. View characters available in different fonts using Unicode or code pages. Lets you copy characters or texts to the clipboard.
  • Unit converter. Convert between different units.


  • Skin support. About 70 skins are available.
  • Skin builder. Build your own skins.
  • Drag n' drop.
  • Hexadecimal editor for binary files.
  • And much more...

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Updated on: 24 Jun 2024