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The Ozone database project is a open initiative for the creation of an open source, Java based, object-oriented database management system. The Ozone project aims to evolve a database system that allows developers to build pure object-oriented, pure Java database applications. Just program your Java objects and let them run in a transactional database environment. There is no need to describe database schemes or database queries in a different language than the underlying programming language. You can program persistent objects like "normal" objects. No type mismatch, no impedance mismatch - just pure Java with persistent objects in a transactional environment.

Ozone includes a fully W3C compliant DOM implementation that allows you to store XML data. You can use any XML tool to provide and access these data. Support classes for Apache Xerces-J and Xalan-J are included.

Ozone does not depend on any back-end database or mapping technology to actually save objects. It contains its own clustered storage and cache system to handle persistent Java objects. Ozone is a truly object-oriented system.

Besides the native API, Ozone provides also a ODMG 3.0 interface. Although not fully ODMG compliant it helps you to port applications to/from Ozone.



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Updated on: 29 Feb 2024