Resource. The Brick Engine

The Brick Engine is a fast, powerful, cross-platform, TOTALLY FREE 2D game engine. If you'd like to make video games quickly and easily, written in the language of your choice, and distribute them to a wide variety of platforms, the Brick Engine is for you. The Brick Engine takes care to free the programmer of rewriting basic game code.

The goals of the Brick Engine are to be simple to understand and use and to be useful. The simplicity is achieved in several steps. The API should make sense and be easy to remember. The Brick Engine source code should be possible to read in an evening. An it should be possible to build a simple game in an hour or two. The usefulness is looked for by being able to run the Brick Engine on most computers, the games should be portable at source level to any platform, while external dependencies should be kept to a minimum.

Operating System(s)




Open Source,MIT

Updated on: 29 Feb 2024